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Getr Help Center

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Get Started

Initial setup and general setting

Intro to Getr

Learn about what is Getr and what kind of benefits you can get by using Getr

Getr Admin

Learn about your Getr admin, configure your settings, and manage your business.

Fees & Charges

Getr offers free and direct pricing plans to help you grow your online business

Initial Setup

Follow one of our step-by-step guides and set your business on Getr


Product and order setting

Add Product

Add products, build collections, and manage your inventory.

Manage Order

Process, manage, and fulfill existing orders and draft new orders.

Add Coupon

Create discount codes and set up automatic discounts to promote products.

Add Category

Group your products into different category to make it easier for customers to find them by category.


Manage shipping and delivery

Shipping Options

Manage the delivery of products to your customers and set up Getr Shipping.

Shipping Fee Subsidy

Understand what is Getr shipping fee subsidies and how it benefits you

Airway Bills

Learn how to one-click print airway bill from our system when order created

Getr Delivery or Own Shipment

Learn what&aposs the differences between Getr standard delivery and own fleet delivery


Order payment and payout details

Income & Order Released

Understand how&aposs the order fulfillment and income released flow

Order Payout Flow

Understand how your order payment will be fulfill and the overall payout flow

Anti Scam Buyer Protection

Understand what is anti scam buyer protection and how its affect you as seller